About Us

Tayfur Water Systems, founded by Tayfun Yazaroğlu in 2004 in İzmir, has been established by Tayfur Su Sistemleri Makine Mühendislik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. As well. Our company offers its products and experiences in local market and international market.

Tayfur Water Systems continues to expand its production, sales and marketing activities with each passing day while strengthening its reputation abroad.

Our company is producing its own brand TYPHOON, Hydraulic Control Valves, Plastic Hydraulic Control Valves, Back Flushing Control Valves, Plastic Back Flushing Control Valves, Non Slam Dynamic Air Release Valves, Plastic Air Release Valves, Foot Valves, Filter Back Flushing Control Devices, It meets the special demands of its customers both at home and abroad and is on its way to become a strong brand both in domestic and foreign markets.

Our Mision

The responsibilities we always receive are those of our customers’ wishes and anticipations that are accurate, reliable and timely; To be a company that aims to offer synergy in national and international markets, which transforms efficiency and competitiveness advantage in the framework of high quality standards …

Our Vision

Being a leading, innovative, strong and respected organization in the sector.

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