3 Way Mini Valve

It is a manually operated selector connected to one of the 3 control points at the common control point.

Pressure Reducing Pilot (Big)

A 2/2 is the “normally open” valve applied on the spring-loaded diaphragm, actuated by the pressurized bottom by the main valve. This design incorporates a needle valve as an integral component of the pilot’s body. This creates a compact, economical control circuit. Large water passages guarantee free operation without clogging.

Pressure Reducing Pilot

A 2/2, normally open, spring-adjustable pilot valve, equipped with SST nozzle for speed and high pressure differential.

Differanciel Float

2/2, 3/2 or 4/2 pilot valve operated by lever assembly, float and balancing weight. Keep the buoy until you reach a high or low pre-set. This product can be mounted on the valve or separately.

Pressure Stabilization Pilot Plastic

Multi Purpose, 3-Way Plastic Pilot Valve

29-200 3-way, diaphragm moving, spring loaded pilot valve is designed for the control of pressure regulating hydraulic valves. The pilot valve serves as a separator between the common connection point and the other 2 connection points. The pilot valve locks the ventilation pressure and the chamber of the hydraulic valve as a factor indicating the relationship between the regulated pressure and the set value. The 29-200 pilot valve can be used for a wide range of hydraulic control functions.

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