Typhoon Series Hydraulic Control Valves are the direct diaphragm closing automatic hydraulic control valves which work with line pressure. It ensures easy and smooth flow with minimum pressure losses thanks to excellent design of valve body and diaphragm.

No wearable parts such as stem, bearing and seat exist in main valve body, valve life is much longer than other competitor valves.

Only movable part of valve is vale diaphragm. Typhoon Series serial hydraulic control valves are designed so that it can be used in potable water force network, agricultural irrigation, fire fighting, filtration, industrial applications by even an unskilled personal.

  • M Manually Controlled Valve
  • PR Pressure Reducing Control Valve
  • PRPS Pressure Reducing + Pressure Sustaining Control Valve
  • PS Pressure Sustaining Control Valve
  • PREL Pressure Reducing + Solenoid Controlled Valve
  • EL Solenoid Controlled Valve
  • QR Quick Relief Control Valve
  • FL Float Level Control Valve
  • FLEL Electric Float Level Control Valve
  • DIFL Differential Float Level Control Valve
  • PC Pump (Booster) Control Valve
  • DPC Deep Well (Submersible) Pump Control Valve
  • SA Surge Anticipating Control Valve
  • HD Hydraulic Check Valve


  • Easy operation and maintenance with simple structure
  • Lower costs
  • Wide pressure range operation
  • Flexible diaphragm to open and close without impact
  • Fully sealed with reinforced diaphragm and internal spring
  • Long life with Epoxy – polyester coating
  • Wide range of control applications with different pilot valves
  • Ability to work in horizontal and vertical positions in application areas

Working Principles

They are automatic control valves which are used hydraulically to perform the desired operations with line pressure without the need of energy sources in the mains line.

Valve Closing Mode

When the pilots on the main control valve reach the water pressure diaphragm, the water creates a hydraulic force. The resulting hydraulic force combines the diaphragm with the force applied by the spring to create a complete seal and close.

Valve Opening Mode

When the pilot discharge position on the main control valve in the closed position is reached, the pressurized water on the diaphragm of the main control valve is drained. When the line pressure reaches the position of spring force, hydraulic force is applied to the diaphragm of the control valve under water, so that the valve is in full open position.

Modulation Mode

These are the pilot valves which are connected to the control valve which allows the main valve to operate in this position. According to the amount of flow and pressure to be adjusted, the water pressure on the diaphragm is controlled constantly, allowing it to operate in a modulated position.

Manually Controled Valves

Pressure Reducing Control Valves

Pressure Reducing and Pressure Sustaining Control Valves

Pressure Sustaining Control Valves

Solenoid Controlled Pressure Reducing Control Valves

Solenoid Control Valves

Quick Pressure Relief Control Valves

Float Level Control Valves

Electric Float Level Control Valves

Differantial Float Level Control Valves

Hydraulic Check Valve

Deep Well Pump Control Valves

Surge Anticipating Control Valves

Pump (Booster) Control Valves

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