Non Slam Dynamic Air Release Valve

In a deep draw well pump; Air and water situated in the suction pipe begins to move at a high speed. When the water reaches the air release valve at a high speed the valve will suddenly close which will cause an impact on the system. Non slam dynamic air valves slow down the high speed evacuation gradually. It does not reflect this problem on to the system.

Water Mass (Column) Rupture

In the case of a column break, the water columns are separated from each other to create a low pressure between them. During this time, the air sucks in high volume in normal suction cups. However, in our suction cup, there is a non-impact suction such as a pulse. Thus, moments are reduced while the columns are separated from each other. The momentum is lost and the columns return again. Standard suction cups will blow air out quickly. Thus, the collision speed and impact of the columns increase. Unwrapped opening and closing suspends the water columns and reduces the energy of the columns as a pillow acts as the columns are opened and closed with some vacuum and air remaining. This solves the pulse problem.

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