TYPHOON Plastic Hydraulic Valves are automatic control valves with diaphragm working with line pressure. Hydraulic Control Valves are used in agricultural irrigation, drinking water lines, filtration and industrial areas.

TYPHOON Plastic Valves are automatic control valves with diaphragm closure working with line pressure. Valve body and diaphragm design ensure smooth flow with minimum pressure loss. Since there is no bearing, bush and shaft in the valve body, valve life is longer. The only moving part of the van is the diaphragm.

TYPHOON Plastic Hydraulic Control Valves are used in agricultural irrigation, drinking water lines, filtration and industrial areas.


  • Easy operation and maintenance with simple structure
  • Lower costs
  • Wide pressure range operation
  • Perfect modulation even at low flow rates
  • Flexible diaphragm to open and close without impact
  • Fully sealed with reinforced diaphragm and internal spring
  • Long life with EPOXY-polyester coating
  • Wide range of control applications with different pilot valves
  • Ability to work in horizontal and vertical positions in application areas

Working Principles

It is a fully automatic hydraulic control valve designed to perform the hydraulically desired modulation processes with the line pressure without the need for different energy sources such as electricity, pneumatic or mechanical in the main valve mains line

Valve Closing Mode

Pilot valves connected to the main valve create a hydraulic force on the valve diaphragm when the water pressure at the valve inlet reaches the actuator actuator (control reservoir) of the valve. This hydraulic force that is created combines the diaphragm of the valve with the extra force exerted by the internal spring to ensure a tight seal.

Valve Opening Mode

When the path of the pilot valve on the main valve in the closed position is set to the discharge position, the pressurized water in the control chamber on the diaphragm of the main valve is discharged. When the line pressure reaches the spring force, the valve diaphragm applies a hydraulic force to the diaphragm to bring the valve into the full open position.

Modulation Mode

The pilot valves that connect the actuator to the main valve allow the main valve to operate in the modulated position. The valve in the actuator of the main valve (control reservoir), according to the flow quantity or pressure conditions to be adjusted, ensures that the fluid continuously operates in the modulated position by controlling the pressure.

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