Plastic Air Valves

It is called the Valve Air Valve which determines the air – water balance in the system.

During the filling of the pipeline; The air in the line evacuates the air in the system quickly. Due to various reasons, it allows small quantities of air to accumulate in the pipeline during operation, under pressure.

During the evacuation of the pipeline, air is sucked into the pipe to prevent vacuum formation, and cavitation hazards are prevented by balancing the system pressure with the atmospheric pressure.

Plastic Air Valves Usage Locations;

  1. In agricultural irrigation, (every 400-500 mt on straight lines on the main line, at the beginning of the slope, 400-500 mt at the upward inclines at the peak points, before the beginning of the deflection and before the end of the line and before the irrigation valve (At the points indicated in the figure)
  2. In filtration systems, (Disc Filter, Hydrocyclone, Gravel Tank, Automatic Horizontal Filters, etc.).
  3. Factory installations in industrial areas,In treatment systems and so on.
We have two type of Plastic Air Valves;
  1. Single Effect (Kinetic) Plastic Air Valve  ½ “- ¾” – 1″and 2″ Single Effect
  2. (Automatic) Plastic Air Valve Available in ½ “- ¾” – 1″and 2″  models.
Plastic Air Valve Connections;

½ “, ¾”, 1 “and 2” threaded connections.

1/2``-3/4``-1`` Automatic Plastic Air Valves

2`` Automatic Plastic Air Valves

1/2``-3/4``-1`` Kinetic Plastic Air Valves (Single)

2`` Kinetic Plastic Air Valves (Single)

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