2” Automatic Plastic Air Valve

During the filling of the pipeline; The air in the line evacuates the air in the system quickly.

Due to various reasons, it allows small quantities of air to accumulate in the pipeline during operation, under pressure.

During the evacuation of the pipeline, air is sucked into the pipe to prevent vacuum formation, and cavitation hazards are prevented by balancing the system pressure with the atmospheric pressure.

Main Parts & Dimensions

# Part Name Material
1 Body Strengthened Polyamide
2 O-Ring NBR Rubber
3 Cover Strengthened Polyamide
4 Float Poliproplen
5 Forklift EPDM Rubber
6 Float Fork Strengthened Polyamide
7 Fork Seal EPDM Rubber
H Height 241,10 mm
W Width 102 mm
D Connection Diameter 2"BSP
a Auto Nozzle Field 7 mm Square
A Drain Mouth Area 855 mm Square
- Weight 0,65 Kg

Plastic Air Valve Aplication

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