Our Environmental Policy

Tayfur water systems attaches importance to taking and implementing the necessary measures for a sustainable, open-to-development environmental management system in all production and service processes. It supports the protection of the environment and clean production by providing the resources necessary to achieve its environmental objectives in line with the principles of lean and continuous development in all its activities.

Our principles

  • Comply with laws and regulations,
  • Being a solution partner, taking into consideration the requests of private and public institutions and organizations to which we are in contact with the environment,
  • Ensure that our employees work in environmental consciousness and responsibility as a principle and make it a part of their life in line with this principle,
  • Ensure that environmental awareness is developed in all the institutions and organizations that are in contact with our company and that they work in parallel with our objectives and objectives in our environmental policy.,
  • It is to keep track of our progress in the framework of our environmental policy and continuous improvement.

Our goals

  • Protecting our natural and energy resources and efficient use,
  • To control our environmental dimensions, to manage them in a way that contributes to continuous improvement,
  • To reduce our waste from our activities in the resource within the scope of technological possibilities, and even to make the waste minimization.