Occupational Safety

Occupational Health and safety is an integral part of every work we do and has a priority in all our activities.

Our principles

  • To make preventive and corrective approaches in occupational health & safety issues,
  • Ensure the participation of all levels of the organization and our stakeholders in improving occupational safety performance,
  • To create a culture of Occupational Safety and to make this culture a lifestyle,
  • To eliminate dangerous situations and dangerous behavior for a safe working environment.

In accordance with these principles;

  • To provide all crew water systems personnel, employees of sub-employer / supplier companies, visitors, interns and students who have vocational/skill training in the workplace with training programs on occupational health & safety, to increase their personal awareness by gaining knowledge, skills, competency,

  • In all of our activities, strive to do better than legislative requirements by complying with all legal regulations and standards that comply with our occupational health & safety risks,

  • To assess all risks arising from the working environment, to prioritize them, to reduce them to acceptable levels of risk, thereby ensuring the Prevention of injuries and health hazards.,

  • Improving our performance by continuously improving our processes with preventive and corrective approaches in Occupational Health & Safety, which are the keystones of sustainability.,

    we commit.

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