Non Slam Dynamic Air Release Valve

Deep well pumps; when the pump starts to work, the air and water in the suction pipe start to move at high speeds. When the water reaches the high-speed suction Valve, the suction Valve is suddenly closed, causing a blow to the system. Because the pulse-free suction fan gradually slows the high discharge rate, it does not reflect the problem to the system.


In case of column rupture, water columns are separated from each other and produce low pressure between them. In the meantime, high amounts of air in the normal suction system. But our suction suction consists of a pulse-free pulse. Thus, the moments are reduced when the columns are separated from each other. The columns that lose their momentum return again. Standard suction cups will quickly blow out the air. Thus, the speed and impact of the columns multiplied by each other increases. Because some vacuum and air remain, it is used as a cushion for the opening and closing of the columns, it slips water columns and reduces the energy of the columns. This will solve the impact problem.

2019 | Tayfur Su Sistemleri

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