Pressure Reducing Control Valves

Pressure Reducing Control Valves are hydraulic control valves that reduce the input pressure value to the desired pressure value by means of a pressure reducer pilot mounted on it. The pressure reducer control valve constantly controls the output pressure value to be set without being influenced by the flow rate and inlet pressure values. When there is no flow in the system, the valve closes itself. When the valve inlet pressure value in the system falls below the set outlet pressure value, the valve opens itself. The valve can be used in horizontal or vertical position on the system.


  1. Pressure Lowering Plot
  2. Ball Valves
  3. Brass Finger Filter
  4. Manometer
  5. Pressure Adjustment Bolt
  6. Needle valve
  • Valve rated diameter should be the same or smaller diameter as the line diameter.
  • In the direction of the arrow indicated on the valve Mount.
  • Insulation valves (butterfly or sliding valve etc.) on the line mounting of Valve B.  it is recommended to use air discharge valve, quick relief control valve (QR) and strainer valve.
  • Risk of sudden pressure fluctuation is dangerous to the valve body. Adjust the output pressure value you want to adjust by looking at the cavitation chart or contact our technical staff.
  • Turn on the pump or turn on the main valve in the network and give water to the system
  • Turn on the spherical valve indicated by “2” and turn off the spherical valve indicated by “2/1”
  • Wait a while for the water to reach the control Chamber of the valve. When water reaches the control chamber, the manometer needle will show a certain pressure value
  • Adjust the desired output pressure value by looking at the manometer with the adjustment Bolt indicated by “5” on the pilot indicated by “1”
  • When you turn the adjustment Bolt Clockwise, the output pressure value will increase in the opposite direction when you turn the output pressure value will be reduced
  • After adjusting the desired output pressure value, tighten the nut under the adjustment Bolt. Turn on the spherical valve indicated by “2” and give water to the system. “2/1” will display the manometer zero value after turning on the global valve
  • Check the output pressure value continuously. If the valve does not function, contact our company
  • Check and clean the finger filter indicated by “3” due to the particles that may accumulate on it. Do not do more than one filter cleaning in a few months unless the water is very dirty.
  • Drain water from the unused valve and pilot during winter.

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