Electric Float Level Control Valves

Electric Float Level Control Valve is a valve that constantly controls water level by electric float placed in the tank. When the water level at the bottom falls below the desired value, the electric floater sends a signal to the solenoid coil on the main valve. This allows the valve to open itself fully and keep the reservoir constantly full. When the water level reaches the maximum level, the electric switch sends a signal again to the solenoid coil and the valve closes itself. The valve can be operated on the system horizontally or vertically.

  1. Three-Way Valve
  2. Mini Ball Valve
  3. Finger Filter
  4. Blind Plug
  5. Solenoid Valve
  6. Electric Flat Switch
  • After connecting to Valve inlet, finger filter number 3 and mini ball valve number 2, it is connected to the closed “C” outlet of 3-way valve with the help of copper or plastic pipe and to the “I” outlet of solenoid valve.
  • “II” output of solenoid valve No. 5 is connected to the control panel with “III” output to Auto “A” output of 3-way valve.
  • Valve outlet” 4 ” is connected to the blind.
  • In the direction of the arrow indicated on the valve Mount.
  • When mounting the valve, place sealing seals between the valve flange and the pipe flange and tighten bolts in caplock.
  • Isolation valves (butterfly or sliding valve etc.) in the line Assembly of the valve.B) it is recommended to use air discharge valve, quick pressure discharge control valve (QR) and dirt retaining valves.
  •  Mount the electric flat switch, shown with “6”, according to the water level in the tank or reservoir and connect the cables to the control panel.
  • Connect the cables of solenoid pilot valve indicated by “5” in accordance with the control panel. * Auto position of 3-way selector valve indicated by “1” on main valve.
  • Open the global valve indicated by “2”
  • Check and clean the finger filter indicated by “3” due to the particles that may accumulate on it. Do not do more than one filter cleaning in a few months unless the water is very dirty.
  • Drain water from the unused valve and pilot during winter.

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