Quick Pressure Relief Control Valve

The Quick Pressure Relief Control Valve is the safety control valve designed to protect system by releasing pressure surges to atmosphere quickly caused from sudden changes in water speed because pumps put into/out of service frequently in water network elevation lines. When network pressure goes beyond set point, valve opens by itself quickly and protects system by releasing over pressure. When line pressure decreases to normal level, it is closed slowly and automatically as wholly sealed without causing surge.

  1. Quick Relief Pilot Valve
  2. Spherical Valve
  3. Brass Finger Filter
  4. Manometer
  5. Adjustment Bolt
  • Quick relief control valve is installed in the Te configuration of the network system.
  • Since the function of the valve is discharged, the valve diameter can be selected as equal to or smaller than the main pipe diameter.
  • Valve closing time is proportional to pipe length. As the pipe length of the system increases, valve closing time should be increased.
  • Turn on the pump or turn on the mains main valve and give water to the system.
  • Open spherical valves indicated by “2” and “2/1”.
  • Wait a few seconds for the water to reach the control Chamber of the valve. When water reaches the control chamber, the manometer needle will show a
    certain pressure value.
  • Adjust the desired input pressure value with the adjustment Bolt indicated by “5” on the pilot indicated by “1” by looking at the manometer indicated by “4”
  • When you turn adjustment Bolt Clockwise, the input pressure value will increase, turning in the opposite direction if the input pressure value will decrease.
  • After adjusting the desired inlet pressure value, tighten the nut under the adjustment Bolt. The manometer on the valve shows the input pressure value.
  • Check and clean the finger filter indicated by “3” due to the particles that may accumulate on it. Do not do more than one filter cleaning in a few months unless the water is very dirty.
  • Drain water from the unused valve and pilot during winter.

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